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Visible Learning

The Visible Classroom Project

Working alongside Professor John Hattie at the University of Melbourne

Mandy Hooper, Joshua Rigby and Jessamy Tucker working as a professional trio to both implement strategies, record lessons and review the feedback analytics.


The Visible Classroom research project (a partnership between University of Melbourne, Ai-Media and SSAT) aims to improve pupil achievement outcomes by supporting teachers’ professional practice development. The project aims to encourage teachers to reflect on their teaching and develop classroom practice using real-time, credible evidence.

We began the project in September 2016, in its trial phase. Funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), it looks at the potential effectiveness of the Visible Classroom as a means to diminish differences.

Building on the work of Professor John Hattie, showing that maximising feedback to teachers about their impact is a key driver of excellence, this project provided us with an opportunity to hear him speak at the launch and to continue to email him personally for support and feedback. The rubric used to analyse teacher talk is built around his and the University of Melbourne’s work.