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What is Steps at Blackfield Primary school?


Blackfield Primary School’s behaviour support provision is called STEPS. It has this name as we believe small steps will achieve success. The staff who work in STEPS greet the children and their parents/ carers every morning at 8:30 . During this early morning session, children are able to settle and prepare themselves for a successful day in school. Pupils in STEPS are taught in class whenever possible, but there will be times where an individual child will work in the STEPS Room. All pupils in Steps meet in the STEPS room at 2:45pm to review their day with key staff.


The curriculum


The curriculum is the totality of experiences which are planned for the children as they progress through school. We are committed to developing a coherent, flexible and enriched curriculum which raises aspirations, drives ambition, and secures the highest standards in all areas. Children will be engaged, motivated and confident with emerging and evolving technologies which will achieve high quality learning.

It is our aim that pupils in STEPS fully participate in the school curriculum.

Children in STEPS have a tracking record to ensure that they are working well in class. Pupils are rewarded for this and sanctions are also in place.  This means that each session will start afresh with any incidents being dealt with at the end of the session. Staff from STEPS will go into class to support the pupils to ensure their individual needs are met.

We will also offer regular individual and small group programmes to support children’s emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Staffing and specialist support services


The STEPS team is made up of a specialist Behaviour Manager [Inclusive Manager], a Thrive practitioner and ELSA, and two behaviour support assistants all of whom are TEAM Teach trained. We also work very closely with other support services, including the Behaviour Support Team, Educational Psychology Team, Social Services CAMHS and Forest School.


Extra-curricular activities


We are a fully inclusive school and Children from STEPS will be able to join in after school and off-site activities whenever possible. Risk assessments will be carried out to ensure the safety of the children involved in the activity and special provision may need to be made. Staff from STEPS will supervise children from STEPS on school trips.


Home-school links


Parents/ Carers are welcome to meet staff from STEPS every day before or after school. The INCO will contact parents/ carers via the school mobile regarding any incidents. A home school book is set up to encourage good communication between home and school. We have our own Parent Support Advisor and Home Link worker and they run the Parent course at school.