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The Inspire Learning Federation works closely with colleagues locally, within the U.K. and across the world in developing collaborative research projects which advance our understanding of learning and transform pedagogy across the Trust. The outcomes lead to changes in the relationships between teachers and pupils, in teaching and learning strategies, and in how learning is assessed. Our research is steeped in theory and practice and is concerned with the underlying values and principles that influence our approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.

This page celebrates our action research model and also provides further reviewed articles and contemporary theories that are integral to the development and innovation of learning as a process across the Trust. We enable adults and children to have a research voice and to make valuable contributions to knowledge from academic and insider perspectives. We mobilise and empower enquiry which is responsive to issues that matter to individuals, support school improvement and drive both professional and social capital.

Our INSPIRE Research principles:


Applying contemporary theory through practical enquiry to develop and lead innovative practice.


Fostering a research climate of mutual cooperation in which all members of the team are encouraged to develop their skills and in which the open exchange of ideas is fostered.


Supporting a continuing engagement in the developments in relevant subjects and disciplines, including their methodologies, to secure outstanding learning, teaching and assessment.


Reading widely and being brave enough to both acknowledge and embrace things that challenge the status quo, push boundaries and reshape the future.


Researching ethically and honestly in respect of personal actions and in response to the actions of others.


Approaching research and results critically and with a willingness to engage with others in discussion of both the methodology and the research findings.


Publishing research derived from practice and experience (inductive) or that from theory (deductive) in journals where it is recognised for its transformative effect on pupil outcomes.