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Spelling Shed Weekly Winners!


Some great Bank Holiday weekend spelling! Well done Blackfield smiley


Year 6   Grace Courtney-Cooper

Year 5   Oscar Williams

Year 4   Joshua Davies

Year 3   Gracie Whicher

Year 2   Emilie Anderson

Year 1    Aleigha Johnstone - Hicks

Here are some speed sound lesson examples:


Set 3:

ea (cup of tea)


o-e (phone home)


oa (goat in a boat)


ur (nurse with a purse)


oi (spoil the boy)


a-e (make a cake)


i-e (nice smile)


aw (yawn at dawn)


u-e (huge brute)


are (share and care)


ow (brown cow)


ai (snail in the rain)


ew (chew the stew)


ire (fire, fire!)


ear (hear with your ear)


ure (sure it's pure)




Set 2:

ir (whirl and twirl)


or (shut the door)


ay (may I play?)


ee (what can you see?)


igh (fly high)


ow (blow the snow)


oo (poo at the zoo)


oo (look at a book)


ar (start the car)


air (that's not fair)


ou (shout it out)


oy (toy for a boy)