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Welcome to this termly updated page on which you will find our magazine publication featuring outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment at the Inspire Learning Federation.

You will see:

  • how our learners enjoy great success because of the ethos of aspiration and achievement that pervades our Trust.

· how our highly skilled teachers apply their research, expertise and current thinking to great effect in planning inspirational learning opportunities to enthuse and challenge our children.

· how our innovative, nurturing and supportive environments, combined with highly effective ICT access provides children with the best opportunities to achieve their educational goals.


It seeks to encourage a deeper understanding of the principles of learning within the Trust, to offer a practical explanation of the values that support our integrated curriculum and to celebrate the success of our learners both past and present.

Our free magazine is sent to all parents and carers and is distributed within our learning community.

The Inspiring Learning Magazine Principles:


To showcase our Mastery Model within our integrated, bespoke and personalised curriculum.


To dispel any parental anxieties over current school strategies, methods and practice.


To celebrate our achievements, strengths and accomplishments in all fields.


To share our enthusiasm for teaching, learning and assessment.


To report accurately, honestly and with equality.


To build a relationship with the community such that we become mutually supportive.


To explore, model and share our supercharged ways of making learning permanent and helping learners to achieve personal excellence.

The fundamentals of phonics, the dynamics of the discovery zones and the richness of our reading resources. Spring 2018