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The Knight Bus - Blackfield Primary School's Reading Den

A community comes together to create an inspiring place to read or write for the children of Blackfield Primary School.

Beautiful Reading from a Little Bubble

One of the children from the Little Bubbles read me a story and it was simply wonderful.

Blackfield Primary School Christmas Song 2016

The winning song of Hampshire Song of the week, Dec 2016.

Blackfield does... Democracy.

The School Council at Blackfield Primary School explaining their thoughts on Democracy and how it happens at school.

Blackfield Does E-Safety

Uploaded by Tariq Sasso on 2016-05-23.

Inspire Learning Federation

5 Reasons to join the Inspire Learning Federation

Blackfield and Fawley do Phonics

cu vid2014

Uploaded by Tariq Sasso on 2014-12-09.

5TC Flamenco Dancing

Uploaded by Tariq Sasso on 2013-11-29.

Blackfield Primary does... Anti bullying - Say no 2016

Uploaded by Blackfield Primary School on 2016-11-24.

Blackfield Primary School

Blackfield Primary School preparing for this year's Rock Challenge.