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Quel temps fait-il?


Watch the presentation to learn phrases about the weather and a rhyme with French towns.

Practise the phrases on Quizlet then have a go at completing the weather phrases.

Mon Monstre

Watch the presentation to learn how to describe a monster using colours.

Colour in the picture of the monster according to the description.

Draw your own monster and describe it in French making sure your adjectives agree using the adjective agreement sheet to help you.

Va t'en Grand Monstre Vert!


Watch the story Va t'en grand monstre vert! Then use the glossary to help you colour and create your own monster.


J'ai mal

Watch the video 'J'ai mal!' to learn to say what part of the body hurts, then go to Quizlet to practise the new phrases. Have a go at creating your own video saying that something hurts!

J'ai mal!

Les parties du corps

Watch the video to learn how to say the parts of the body in French.
Go to Quizlet to practise the new words.
Using the keyword poster to help you, can you draw and label a body in French?

Cher Zoo

Read and listen to the story Cher Zoo in French. Use the glossary to help you understand the words.

As-tu un animal à la maison?

Learn to ask and answer the question 'do you have a pet at home?.

Mon Jardin

Watch the video to learn about my garden.
Access the link to Quizlet to practise the new words
Go on a treasure hunt in your garden or house and find something for each colour to attach to the template.

Ma Maison

Learn to say which rooms you have in your house.
Draw a picture of your house and label it in French.
Use the template 'Rooms of the house in French' or make your own and put a sign on each door of your house in French.

Voici ma famille

Introduce the members of your family using voici. Once you have learnt the family names from the video, can you create an imaginary family like the example below? You can use the template or draw out your own.

Lumen's French Award

Petit Escargot

Arc - en - ciel (Rainbow) template

Arc - en - ciel (Rainbow)

Learn the colours so that you can create and label your own arc-en-ciel in French.

Colours in French

April Fools Activity

April Fools Day in French

Leçon 2

Learning numbers 1-12 and saying your age

Leçon 2: The numbers 1-30

Leçon 1

French Greetings

Tortue, Tortue

French song for washing your hands