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Achievement For All

Achievement For All


The aim of this project is to evaluate the impact of The Achievement for All Schools Programme, an approach that supports schools to improve outcomes in reading, writing and maths; improve behaviours and attendance; ensure inclusion and opportunity; and harness the full support of parents/carers. Ultimately, the programme not only improves the school experience and the life chances of children and young people, but also helps address many of the hurdles facing modern education including reduced capacity, ineffective personal development, and the need for strong leadership.


We are conducting this evaluation with the Manchester Institute of Education at The University of Manchester, and is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). 


The project


Following baseline data collection in the autumn term 2016, we are asked to act as a control group and to continue with our usual practice. This is essential to the evaluation as it is the best way of determining what effect the AfA programme has on pupil outcomes. It has not, however, resulted in us doing nothing! Instead we have been using the IRIS platform to research and develop our own practice alongside triad coaching sessions.