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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mrs C Lowe, Executive Principal and Safeguarding
Leadership Team 2 Mr T Sasso, Principal and Safeguarding
Leadership Team 3 Mrs M Hooper, Director of Teaching and Learning
Leadership Team 4 Mrs J Broomfield

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss A Sandeman, Year 4 Leader
Teaching Staff 2 Mr A Carter
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs B Stewart
Teaching Staff 4 Miss B Rider, SENCO
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs C Siggins, Key Stage 1 Leader
Teaching Staff 6 Miss C Hamilton, Year 6 Leader
Teaching Staff 7 Mr C Bravery, Year 5 Leader
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs C Marchant
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs C Pothecary
Teaching Staff 10 Miss D Hartley, Leader of English
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs E Monaghan
Teaching Staff 12 Miss E Ball
Teaching Staff 13 Mr G Simpson
Teaching Staff 14 Mrs J Ashcroft, Year 3 Leader
Teaching Staff 15 Mrs J Stewart
Teaching Staff 16 Miss J Tucker
Teaching Staff 17 Mr J Davies, Sport Development Officer
Teaching Staff 18 Mr J Rigby, Leader of New Technologies
Teaching Staff 19 Mrs J Gill-Carson
Teaching Staff 20 Mrs K Martin
Teaching Staff 21 Miss K Wheeler
Teaching Staff 22 Mr K McGregor
Teaching Staff 23 Mrs L Elkins-Moore
Teaching Staff 24 Miss L Mills
Teaching Staff 25 Mrs L Brackley, Early Years Leader
Teaching Staff 26 Mrs L Soutter
Teaching Staff 27 Miss P Cripps, Leader of Mathematics
Teaching Staff 28 Mrs S Balson
Teaching Staff 29 Mrs S Dugdale
Teaching Staff 30 Mrs S Renaut
Teaching Staff 31 Miss S Langrish, SENCO and Safeguarding Lead
Teaching Staff 32 Mr T Warren
Teaching Staff 33 Mrs T Chappell
Teaching Staff 34 Miss V Middleton
Teaching Staff 35 Miss Z Carson, Acting Principal of Fawley Infants


LSA's 1 Miss A Fry
LSA's 2 Mrs C Talbot
LSA's 3 Mrs C Pothecary
LSA's 4 Mr D Hindle
LSA's 5 Mrs E Park
LSA's 6 Mrs G Savage
LSA's 7 Mrs J Minihan
LSA's 8 Mrs K Ward
LSA's 9 Mrs K Cooper
LSA's 10 Mrs L Sinfield
LSA's 11 Mrs L Bowen
LSA's 12 Mrs L Fry
LSA's 13 Mrs M Jones
LSA's 14 Mr N Daglish
LSA's 15 Mrs S Crump
LSA's 16 Mrs S McColm
LSA's 17 Mrs S Pedder
LSA's 18 Mrs S Larkin
LSA's 19 Mrs S Coster
LSA's 20 Miss T Barnes
LSA's 21 Mrs V Ellis

Support Staff / Admin

Support Staff / Admin 1 Mrs G Clapcott
Support Staff / Admin 2 Mrs H Hughes
Support Staff / Admin 3 Mrs L Howard
Support Staff / Admin 4 Mrs L Smith
Support Staff / Admin 5 Mrs J Johnstone
Support Staff / Admin 6 Mrs N Usher
Support Staff / Admin 7 Miss N Cuckson
Support Staff / Admin 8 Mr P Plowman
Support Staff / Admin 9 Mr R Lewis
Support Staff / Admin 10 Mrs S Simmonds

Catering / Cleaning Staff

Catering / Cleaning Staff 1 Mrs C Hoare
Catering / Cleaning Staff 2 Mrs C Wheeler-Osman
Catering / Cleaning Staff 3 Miss D Wilson
Catering / Cleaning Staff 4 Mrs J Philpott
Catering / Cleaning Staff 5 Mrs J McFeat
Catering / Cleaning Staff 6 Miss K Hawkins
Catering / Cleaning Staff 7 Miss K A Ronald
Catering / Cleaning Staff 8 Miss L Kinchington
Catering / Cleaning Staff 9 Mrs L wilson
Catering / Cleaning Staff 10 Mr M Alam
Catering / Cleaning Staff 11 Miss N Hoare
Catering / Cleaning Staff 12 Mrs S Kinchington
Catering / Cleaning Staff 13 Mrs S Wells